Album Receipts: Time Cost of Music

How much you invest in music used to be simply how much have you spent on your vinyl or on a CD collection. But with subscriptions, it has become whether you subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify with the associated fees. But what about how much time it costs to listen to an album (remember those?) Now it’s possible to get a receipt showing that time cost of music.

According to Nylon you can now go to an album receipts generator to connect with your music service and generate your own receipt. It’s underlaid with the original album art and more importantly for us, overlaid with a crumpled paper receipt showing the logo of the musician or band and listing the songs beside the length in minutes and seconds – of each song. At bottom is a total of time spent if you listened to all tracks. Example below:

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If you want to see more of the already generated music time receipts from others, just scroll through the timeline of the @AlbumReceipts Instagram account. Very creative and for some odd reason, interesting. Although most receipts are not long, I was interested enough to scroll through all 389 posts to see what music was represented and if any of my favorites was included. Above is one.

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