Shopping for CVS Receipt Savings

Fox 35 in Orlando took a CVS receipt to test the savings available from a long printed receipt. Here’s a transcript:

Amy: Thank you. The CVS receipt that some compare its length even to Meghan Markle’s wedding train.

Bob: It’s long yeah It’s even got its own Instagram featuring receipt scarves that you can now get on Amazon. But what can you really buy with all those coupons that make the thing so long? Andrea Jackson is joining us because she got some answers.

Andrea Jackson: Bob, Amy, Good morning. Meme worthy, iconic. The CVS receipt has a unique following. Some love it, others not so much. The real question is how much can you really save with all those coupons? I decided to find out.

Andrea Jackson: One guy dressing up as one for Halloween.

CVS Receipt Costumed Guy: I’m about to walk in to CVS.

Andrea Jackson: Another using the receipt as a replacement blind. Even I was sizing up my own savings after purchasing just one item. So how much can five feet, seven inches worth of receipts save you here at CVS? We’re going to go in and find out.

CVS Shopper: I’ve never used one, but I look at them.

CVS Shopper: It’s kind of hilarious, but you know there’s some savings in it. Sure.

Andrea Jackson: How much are you going to save?

Shopper: $5. That’s like half of it right there.

Andrea Jackson: Armed with a card and my latest CVS receipt, we hit the aisles with CVS insider Mike Hemmy. First up, haircare with a $4 coupon.

Mike Hemmy: So if the coupon is four off $18 of any haircare product and shampoo, I would recommend we go ahead and buy two of each, two conditioner, two shampoo. Then you’ll be able to take advantage of your $4 coupon.

Andrea Jackson: Okay, fantastic.

Andrea Jackson: Two bottles for $10, four in the basket, meets the discount. Next stop cosmetics for a $15 deal. We cruise the aisles as more coupon deals make it into the basket, including a BOGO on pain relievers.

Mike Hemmy: Okay, let’s do two of those. We’ll put that in your basket.

Andrea Jackson: Next up, checkout. Our total after coupons, $80.43, a savings of $37. And then we got the extra $18 back we can use for future purchases.

CVS Clerk: On your next purchase.

Andrea Jackson: So we almost are walking out of CVS with 50 bucks in our wallet today.

CVS Clerk: Correct.

Andrea Jackson: If you’re not happy about receiving a stretch limos worth of coupons, they’ve heard your concerns and now offer digital receipts to all rewards members. If you still prefer the paper one, you won’t be saving a tree, but you could use it to decorate one. Happy savings.

Andrea Jackson: So many options with these CVS receipts. Even the weather guy at the end of this one, how about that?

Jayme: Hey everybody, I’m Jayme.

Bob: I’m going to need a return on that one.

Jayme: Love you buddy, take it away.

Andrea Jackson: That is a solid savings on your weather forecast, right? So many options you guys. Most of these CVS receipts you can use up to two weeks, but I’m telling you, 50 bucks worth of savings right here.

Amy: That’s huge.

Andrea Jackson: Right?

Bob: That’s pretty good, right?

Amy: That’s huge.

Andrea Jackson: You just never know.

Amy: Bob wants to know if you can return Jayme though. Will they take him back at the store?

Bob: As long as you’ve got the receipt.

Andrea Jackson: I think there’s a two week maximum to return weather guys.

Amy: Oh, yeah, yeah, right.

Andrea Jackson: Yeah.

Amy: He’s probably expired.

Andrea Jackson: Yeah.

Bob: Yeah.

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