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  • Money Spent, Where it Went

    Robert Frost Money Quote “Never ask of money spentWhere the spender thinks it went.Nobody was ever meantTo remember or inventWhat he did with every cent”— Robert Frost

  • Whitehouse Gas Receipt

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by The White House (@whitehouse) The Whitehouse shared a mock-up of a receipt showing the cost of gasoline to make a point about declining gas prices.

  • Receipts as Evidence of Crime

    It is common for criminal investigations to search for and seize receipts as evidence for all types of crimes. Below are references to cases that have used paper consumer and retail receipts as proof that a suspect purchased items connected to a particular case. Those receipts typically show date and time, location and method of […]

  • Uniform Receipt Lottery in Taiwan

    Have you heard of purchase receipts with quick-pick style lottery numbers printed on them? Apparently this has been a thing in Taiwan ROC since 1951, when the Finance Ministry began the every-other-month lottery to encourage people to collect receipts (and) pay sales taxes. Six sets of eight-digit numbers are drawn and announced in a ‘live’ […]

  • Academic Study of Litter Using Data From Receipts

    It’s not uncommon to see receipts as litter, along with packaging or bags from restaurants or retailers beside them along the roadside, gutters or in parking lots. Now researchers have dug-in to the details of where that garbage originates by looking at receipt data. Here’s an introduction from the abstract of the study: Urban areas […]

  • Album Receipts: Time Cost of Music

    How much you invest in music used to be simply how much have you spent on your vinyl or on a CD collection. But with subscriptions, it has become whether you subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify with the associated fees. But what about how much time it costs to listen to an album (remember […]

  • Receipt Printers Hacked to Display Union Messages

    Imagine you are working your shit retail job when this comes out of your register. R/antiwork — MⒶGEbit 🟩🏴🍄 (@Mage_Bit) November 25, 2021 Imagine retail cashiers during the busy Christmas shopping season, who present customers with receipts which have apparently been altered to display messages in support of unions. It’s happening, according to Vice […]

  • Receipts as Historical Markers

    Some of us have kept old car window price stickers to show friends and family our purchase of a prized possession. But sometimes it’s not about the purchase itself, but rather the place of a random purchase. For a time I kept receipts from my foreign travels to show that I’d been to exotic locales. […]

  • Eliminate Toxic Paper Receipts

    BPA in Paper Receipts & Environmental Waste Every year Americans stuff their wallets and purses with paper receipts from convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores and ATMs. Most of those receipts are unwanted and unnecessary. They end up in the trash most of the time, but those that are needed are tossed in a shoebox […]

  • Meaning of Receipts – Proof

    via GIPHY re·​ceipt | \ ri-ˈsēt [ ri-seet ] noun a written acknowledgment of having received, or taken into one’s possession, a specified amount of money, goods, etc. receipts, the amount or quantity received: the act of receiving or the state of being received: something that is received. receipts, Slang. evidence or proof Above is […]