Uniform Receipt Lottery in Taiwan

Have you heard of purchase receipts with quick-pick style lottery numbers printed on them? Apparently this has been a thing in Taiwan ROC since 1951, when the Finance Ministry began the every-other-month lottery to encourage people to collect receipts (and) pay sales taxes.

Six sets of eight-digit numbers are drawn and announced in a ‘live’ televised ceremony presented by an emcee, during which four models roll out the winning numbers from hand-turned lottery machines.


The Finance Ministry began to incorporate e-receipts into the lottery in 2011 when e-commerce was included in the receipt lottery process. The latest lottery winners were announced at the end of the March. Top special prize was NT$10 million (US$363,320) for eleven separate Receipt Lottery winners.

This type of incentive seems likely to encourage everyone to hold on to receipts and the e-receipt would help eliminate paper waste. Why not adopt this scheme to help reduce paper waste of receipts by providing the incentive to those who choose e-receipts over paper when given the option in brick and mortar stores?

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