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  • Buying A Receipt at Sotheby’s Auction

    A 1959 receipt from conceptual artist Yves Klein is being auctioned off on April 6 and is expected to bring in over a half-million dollars for current owner, Loic Malle – who is an art advisor and former gallery owner. (Update) The Sotheby’s auction sold the receipt for $1,151,467.40 – about three times what it […]

  • Receipt Walls: Way of Giving Back

    A great Washington Post story from Vinita, Oklahoma where a local restauranteur began posting receipts as prepaid meal tickets. The receipts are hanging on a “Giving Wall” where anyone who is hungry and unable to pay can take a receipt, sit down and order a meal. Customers are contributing so some homeless residents can drop […]

  • Beat The Receipt – U.K. Paperless Pledge

    Brick and Mortar Stores Going Paperless The “Beat the Receipt Paperless Pledge” shown below is campaigning with an environmental emphasis from brick and mortar stores in the U.K. asking consumers to lobby their own supermarket to support Beat the Receipt. The concept is to make all paper receipts optional and stop defaulting to printing and […]

  • Long Receipt Tik-Tok Funny

    @1234mark07 the shops have opened nooooo##fyp ##viral ##duet ##wow ♬ Star Wars – Produced – Ettore Stratta It happens to most of us as we empty shopping bags to find the crumpled receipt at the bottom of the last bag – we stare at the receipt wondering how we spent that much and on so […]

  • My Black Receipt Supports Black-Owned Businesses

    An organization called My Black Receipt is asking consumers to support black owned businesses and then upload receipts from the money they’ve spent. The effort has the effect of helping keep black owners from struggling due to lack of business worsened by Covid 19. My Black Receipt was started by Kezia Williams, who trains black […]

  • Germany Requires Printed Paper Receipts in 2020

    Starting in January 2020, all German shops must print paper receipts – even if a customer doesn’t want one. The purported reason is to prevent tax evasion and is required even though all German cash registers have chips that record every transaction for tax authorities. Small shops that sell pastries are protesting and claim that […]

  • Customer Receipt Includes a fee for ‘One Stupid Question’

    View this post on Instagram Tom’s don’t play. A post shared by Russell Lopez (@copendejo) on Dec 22, 2018 at 11:25pm PST Tom’s Diner in Denver has a funny menu item which looks a bit odd when you see it on your meal receipt. They’ll charge you $0.38 cents for “One stupid question”. The menu […]

  • Vintage Car Purchase Receipts – 100 + year-old Papers

    Always Keep Your Receipts Sometimes when an old house is cleared by relatives for an estate sale or the new owners clean out the attic of a recently purchased old home, boxes of vintage receipts and records are discovered. In an article subtitled “Always Keep Your Receipts” according to Jonathon Klein, writing for “The Drive”, […]

  • New York City Paper Receipt Ban

    NYC Council Weighs Banning Paper Sales Receipts Transcript of Video: Bill: … banning paper receipts? That’s what the New York City Council will consider. Bills would require stores to let consumers decline a paper receipt in favor of an e-receipt, to recycle receipts, and to use alternatives to receipt paper. Bill: Bill sponsors say the […]

  • Shopping for CVS Receipt Savings

    Fox 35 in Orlando took a CVS receipt to test the savings available from a long printed receipt. Here’s a transcript: Amy: Thank you. The CVS receipt that some compare its length even to Meghan Markle’s wedding train. Bob: It’s long yeah It’s even got its own Instagram featuring receipt scarves that you can now […]