Funny McDonald’s Receipt Mark-up says ‘Silver (bald)’

Drive-through receipt with funny description
Emily Timmins/Facebook

Drive-through food pick-up order receipts have become a new story telling tool for social media

We’ve become used to our name being scribbled on coffee cups to identify our drink orders in crowded coffee shops, and we’re seeing messages either typed in by clerks at the cash register or scrawled in pencil or ink across paper food delivery receipts. It makes sense to identify the purchaser so everyone properly gets their correct order for similar looking bags of food grabbed before dashing out the door of a crowded fast food restaurant – or in this case, parked at a drive-through.

Stories emerge on social media using video or photos posted show their receipt messages to the world. Some have been offensive personal attacks and have lead to law suits, while others can be funny. The receipt shown above was marked up to better identify an order placed by a bald man in a silver car (lots of silver cars – so describe the driver). Instead of recording the license plate of the car to identify them, as in car parks?

When asked, “Do you want your receipt” – you may want to see if the clerk wrote a description of you and whether you like what they had to say across the top of your delivery receipt.

Show us your receipts!

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